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IV Vitamin Therapy

Delmarva Spine & Pain

Board Certified Interventional Pain Management located in Ocean View, DE & Berlin, MD

Are you ready to experience the transformative power of IV Therapy?  Contact us today to learn more about our services.  Discover the amazing benefits of IV drip, IV infusions, B12 injections, Detox and NAD + drip treatments.  

Conditions benefited include athletic recovery, mood problems, stress, immune challenges, weight loss, anti-aging, detoxification, inflammation, headaches, pain, fatique, dehydration, hangover, and malabsorption.

IV nutrient therapy is the administration of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into the blood stream making it far more effective delivery method than oral supplementation. IV drip therapy bypasses the gut, so you can heal and feel better faster.


IV Nutrition Therapy provides top quality IV infusions to achieve optimal health and wellness.  We offer a comprehensive range of services that address various health needs. Our experts are skilled in customizing each treatment to meet your specific goals.